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  Shuangfeng measurement test center of science and technology in project invested by weihai shuangfeng electronics group co., LTD,China academy of testing technology to provide technical support,For2012It services at the provincial level key projects。Projects include low frequency reference laboratory、Intermediate frequency benchmark vibration lab、Laboratory simulation environment、Injection molding machine, cable processing workshops、Comprehensive research activities building, etc,Provide all kinds of testing technology and standards、Verification and calibration、Product testing、Engineering test and evaluation、Test instrument and the research and development and other services,Would be important to the peninsula blue economic zone of the equipment manufacturing industry、Professional public service platform。For the total project investment1.6One hundred million yuan。Covers for the project50m,The construction area2.1Million square meters。The project2012Year plans to invest1.3One hundred million yuan,Plan3A test workshop、An office building main body,And to purchase equipment。In the project plan2013Years12Built in months,For construction periods1.5Years。
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