Business areas- the company is committed to building a marketing enterprise、Marketing knowledge、Intellectual property rights、Brand planning in a body's comprehensive integrated solutions provider。
NewsThe company insists on“To create wealth、Innovation for development”The management idea,Strive for the society、For the enterprise、Create a harmonious atmosphere for employees,The road of sustainable development。
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With the company“Professional、Focus、With your heart”The purpose of the enterprise,The joint efforts of efficiency and efficient professional team,The business quickly,From since its establishment,Scope of business involves various fields,Deeply the general customers approval,Its market share、Brand influence、Corporate earnings growth、Service network coverage、Has become the industry's best quality of service, etc。


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       The telecommunications technology was established2010Years,Baidu library in linyi in shandong province in the official agent,Company is a collection of provide web solutions、The network marketing、Communication、Intellectual property services、The trademark、A domain name investment、: group, such as integrated enterprise。The company is committed to provide professional enterprise development、Efficient service,To build enterprise fast growth。

        Dispatch, under the flag of male SiSheng information technology co., LTD,For baidu library official agents,Baidu library business documents and other commercial products promotion。

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Address:Linyi city of shandong province tongda road country-specific ones area36Number