Rock drill,Diamond drill,Trenchless drilling tools,Engineering tool,Split stone, etc
Blast furnace mouth drill
Blast furnace mouth drill is widely applied in large steel mills,Especially in the blast furnace taphole transmission of liquid steel。Drill blast furnace mouth has a simple structure,Safe and reliable,The characteristics of low cost,The machine is suitable for all kinds of openings。
Anchor drilling tools
Since into anchor drilling tools are of loose and broken rock supporting security engineering,Also the tunnel construction、Underground mining and foundation engineering in areas such as one of the most used tool。
DTH drilling tool with tube
By the impact,The drill bit,Conversion connector,Drill pipe and the impacter disassembly machine,It is mainly used for mining、Drill water Wells、Exploration、Building、Municipal engineering and so on。
Top hammer drilling tool
By the shank、Drill pipe、Bit and connected set,Can be widely used in mining、Tunnel engineering、Building、Quarrying, etc

Guizhou sharp drilling equipment manufacturing co., LTD

    Michael sharp drilling equipment manufacturing co., LTD., since in guizhou2004Years since that is committed to global customers to provide quality of excavating drill and anchoring tool,Used for mineral exploration、Mining、Tunnel excavation、Slope anchorage engineering, etc,And gradually grow into the industry one of the most trusted supplier of manufacturing in China。
    In the process of production have adopted advanced production equipment and production technology,The high quality raw materials to ensure the consistent good quality of our products。And in2009Years passedISO9001International quality system certification。
After years of unremitting efforts,We have the ability of independent design and development of new products,Formed a strict quality control system and perfect after-sale service,This makes our products effectively reduces the potential defects and make our maximum service quality and customer satisfaction。We will, as always, acceptance of mobile terminal customer product of actual usage and feedback,In a timely manner to improve think global customers to produce better new products。

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