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Chongqing west, harmful biological control co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in;Harmful biological control、Pest control management、Health and epidemic prevention disinfection、Environment greening engineering and maintenance services、Clean and indoor cleaning services、Drug products and equipment sales and after-sales service,Since the chongqing west, harmful biological control co., LTD2001Years since its founding;The company is direction、Under the correct leadership、Developing rapidly、In each area18Province/City set up branch agencies,In chongqing, business throughout the large area。 Our service project:Exterminate rats、Cockroaches、Mosquitoes、The fly、Termites、The flea、Bugs and other pests prevention work and environment disinfection。Especially in destroying the blattela germanica has great technical advantages and mouse control。 Our service object:The hotel、The hotel、The supermarket、The mall、Commercial building、The dining room、Food processing plants、The hospital、All kinds of facilities、Container、Boating、Railway carriage、Places of entertainment、The school、The bank、Vectors such as aviation and public environment integrated pest control business。 Our advantage: 1、Professional:My company has an excellent equipment and professional and technical personnel of shoppers。Has the rich theoretical knowledge and many years of experience in pest control,And holds a certificate issued by the ministry of commerce and industry。 2、Security:Perfect protection facilities,Just in case,Chemical control after we will be considering the method of prevention and cure。 3、Effective:Excellent service quality occupies an important position in our work process,Customer satisfaction is our achievements。 4、Fast:We kept rapid response to customer needs。 5、Environmental protection:We will choose the relative environmental protection of chemical pesticides,And to provide customersMSDSMaterials。 6、According to media reports:CCTVChina central television (CCTV)7Sets,2Sets,10Set amid reports,Hunan TV reported,Guangxi TV reported,Jiangxi TV station5Set of reports,Sichuan TV reported,Changsha news channel reported,Jiangxi city express...
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West company2014Annual meeting in wuhan...

West company2014Annual meeting in wuhan...
The grass sprout out of the earth day in February,Spring breeze willow embankment drunk smoke,In the day of the spring breeze stroke face,The fifth wuhan university professional pest management peak BBS and west company2014In the annual meeting held in river city wuhan victory,The meeting alsoPCOIndustry in the field of high-end meetings。West companyCEOMa Dayong and wuhan university professional pest management peak BBS author Dr Jiang Hong attended the meeting,West, national and part of the countryPCOIndustry managers took part in the meeting。 Will be...
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