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China national heavy duty truck take force device manufacturers
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  Fu transmission technology co., LTD., weifang(The original qingzhou embellish hydraulic machinery co., LTD),Economic development zone is located in shandong qingzhou yellow building street,Mainly engaged in the r&d of special vehicles to take power、Design、Processing and supporting.Can be customized according to user requirements of abnormity take force。
  The factory equipment、The craft is advanced、Strong technical force、Detection means complete。Leading products for:Heavy duty truck and power,Products cover the domestic each big brand transmission and imported gearbox。
  Over the years,With the excellent product quality and excellent service expanding customers,With the domestic form a complete set of professional car modification enterprise cooperation200More than,Won the customer widespread praise and trust of as before。

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Fu transmission technology co., LTD., weifang
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China national heavy duty truck take force device manufacturers
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China national heavy duty truck take force device manufacturers
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The model is complete

The specification is complete,Can meet your one-stop purchasing requirements。

The price is reasonable

The same quality than price,The same price,We are all guaranteed。

Quality assurance

A sound quality management system,Management of material various technical indexes meet the relevant national quality standards.

The delivery in time

Keep a certain spot all the year round,Take on the same day delivery。

Service guarantee

After-sale tracking,Unconditional refund and replacement of qualified products with quality problem。

Technological innovation

Have several force patent products

Enterprise cultural viewpoint 

Enterprise culture decided to fate。It with enterprise values as the core,Rooted in the enterprise organization、Systems and processes,Affect the enterprise and the staff thought and behavior。 


For the social progress and the inexhaustible power quality for the development of ecology。   

Corporate mission 

Provide clean for the society、Security、Energy efficient products and services;The return on investment for shareholders to create long-term and stable growth;Provide employees with broader business platform and development space。 

Core values

Fair、Justice、Tolerance、The good faith

Enterprise basic code of conduct 

Jane wu Ben、Line will be accountability   

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